Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dear AT&T...

Dear AT&T,

I recently signed up for my very own convenient online account on your very fancy website. While I was logged in one of my goals was to finally sign up for paperless billing. I have managed to convert most of my bills to paperless, but for some reason just hadn't gotten to yours yet.
So, with a few clicks and more than a few boxes filled in with personal information, it was settled...No more paper bills for me. I walked away from my laptop with that good feeling of having saved at least a few trees and streamlined my life all at the same time. Thanks for that.

Imagine my surprise when, just a few days later, I received 4! pieces of correspondence from your fine mega corporation. I thought immediately..."maybe I clicked the wrong link. Did I mistakenly request MORE paper?!"

You sent me 3 months worth of paper in one day. Two days after I requested to go paperless.
Paperless. To save the trees. To cut down on emissions and waste associated with the production and transfer of paper. To streamline my life...remember?

Anyway...One letter was an offer to sign up for your services. As flattering as this is, um, it's a bit awkward. It gives me the distinct impression that you don't know who I am. That you don't realize that I ALREADY AM signed up for your services. Kinda hurts my feelings, honestly. And the tree's feelings that you cut down for no reason to send me that redundant little gem.

The other three were separate letters documenting, individually, each slight change I had made to my account during my last (only) login. While flipping through the stack I see that one piece of your low grade AT&T letterhead paper is there to confirm my desire to go paperless.

Ironic, no?

Maybe you don't understand? Paperless = No more paper.

The other giant corporations have been kind enough to send me a friendly (paperless) email to confirm my enrollment in their very convenient paperless programs. That seems to be working quite well. Maybe you could try that? You are a communications company, no?

You should know that I am a bit afraid to ever log into my account again for fear of receiving a mailbox full of paper chronicling every click of my mouse.

Thanks for your understanding....and paper.


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m said...

I had the same problem with ATT when we went paperless and also when we set up the automatic bill pay through their website. It took a couple months for both to go through.

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